Spa Gift Set



Relax and unwind with this all-in-one spa set. Complete with a loofah, nail brush, sisal sponge, pumice stone, slippers, sisal back scrubber, and washcloth this thoughtful set comes with everything you need lather, polish and exfoliate your skin.


  • Loofa: PE & Cotton Rope
  • Nail Brush: Wood & Poly Bristles
  • Sisal Sponge: Sisal & Sponge
  • Pumice Stone: Pumice
  • Slippers: 60% EVA 20% Cotton 20% Poly
  • Sisal Back Scrubber: 65% Sponge 15% Poly 20% Sisal
  • Wash Cloth:100% Cotton
  • Do not leave products submerged in water after use.